Juvenile Crimes

Juvenile behind bars

The criminal process in a juvenile case is very different from adult cases. In addition to all the crimes that are chargeable against adults, juveniles can also be brought under juvenile court jurisdiction for skipping school/truancy, running away from home, staying out after curfew, underage alcohol consumption or possession, traffic violations, malicious damage/graffiti, gang-related activities, trespassing, and sexual misconduct.

One major myth about the Juvenile Court system is that the juvenile criminal record is always sealed. Additionally, some juveniles may be prosecuted as adults, which can result in adult sentences. Some crimes are even elevated to the status of felony three-strike convictions. Proceedings in juvenile court move extremely rapidly. It is important to seek legal advice as soon as possible after the police detain the minor to ensure that the child’s rights are protected, and that the foundation of his or her defense can begin.

In many cases, Mr. Kellenberger has obtained dismissal of all charges by convincing the probation officer, the district attorney, and the judge to allow the minor to participate in an alternative program, such as Informal Supervision, drug treatment, Deferred Entry of Judgment, or Diversion. Jim is mainly concerned with obtaining the best result in the case in order to provide the minor the opportunity to enter the adult world without the stigma of a criminal record. He has extensive experience and networks to utilize all alternative treatments rather than allowing the system to focus on punishment.Child behind bars

Jim Kellenberger has over 38 years of experience in the Juvenile Court system, and is well-equipped to provide the best possible legal defense. For example, in a recent juvenile homicide case, he avoided adult court treatment and succeeded in having the murder charge reduced to manslaughter, with a “sentence” of completion of high school at an alternative high school in northern California.

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